Enjoy the taste
of the tropics

Our Nootz Coconut Smoothie range is curated to taste as fresh, delicious and nutritious as they should if they were made with your mother’s caring hands. Made with zero preservatives, natural fruit flavours and just 3 organic ingredients, Nootz will teleport you to tropical Sri Lanka, where you will feel one with nature. Nootz is the only plant based milk with the same amount of healthy fats as mother’s breast milk.

With Real Mango

Nootz coconut smoothie with real mango is a fan favorite that will leave you

  • Made with organic coconut milk and zero preservatives;
  • Coupled with the Sri Lankan endemic mango cultivar “Karutha Kolomba”;
  • Sourced and packed fresh to retain the mother’s taste and nutrition.

* 11g MCT

* 31% Vitamin C

* 173 calories

With Real Pineapple

Nootz coconut smoothie with real pineapple will have you reminiscing the time at the beach with a virgin piña colada in-hand;

  • Made with fresh, ripened pineapple with natural fructose;
  • Consist of a high amount of natural electrolytes;
  • Made with just three organic ingredients – Organic Coconut Milk, Organic Real Pineapple, and Organic Cane Sugar (just 3g per 100g).

* 11g MCT

* 35% Manganese

* 117 Calories

With Real Papaya

Nootz coconut smoothie with real papaya is for those select few who like a strong coconut taste with a pawpaw touch;

  • Made with tropical, organic ingredients – coconut milk and papaya;
  • Consists of essential minerals Phosphorous, Magnesium and Manganese in its natural form;
  • Made for the strongest of hearts who enjoy the coconut and papaya after-taste.

* 10g MCT

* 8% Phosphorus

* 158 Calories

When did
we go Nootz?

Our story started in 2018 when Dulara, a first-generation entrepreneur, with a passion to share premium, Ceylon products with the rest of the world and uplift the local community, saw a closing down factory in Sri Lanka’s Coconut Triangle. Seeing its value to be turned around as an innovative coconut supplier to the world with sustainability at its core, Dulara partnered with Altaf, a coconut enthusiast and plantation owner, to acquire the factory and build the export business. With the support of Dutch Food Technology experts, the company began a multi-year R&D phase into a novel coconut smoothie range. The goal was to invent a delicious and healthy drink with a tropical experience. The result of which became Nootz. An innovative and energetic brand, ready to deliver quality experiences to the market.

Get Nootz, With Nootz