Presenting Nootz to the German market for the very first time – Grüne Woche, Berlin


In January – 2023, the Nootz team presented our Coconut Smoothie range to the German market for the very first time. As part of the AHK Sri Lankan pavilion, we exhibited our product range at Grüne Woche in Berlin. The feedback was terrific!

Over the 10 day fair, we sampled the products to over 3000 B2C and B2B consumers. We took more than 3 pallets, and sold them out. The fastest mover was the natural mango; whilst, the pineapple was the fan favorite. Papaya was the underdog with select consumers opting for its stronger coconut taste and antioxidant properties.

Having enjoyed the experience, most of the consumers opted for the 5 units for 10 Euro deal. Furthermore, several consumers returned on subsequent days to take home cartons for their loved ones. Nootz fans highlighted the products’ fully natural, zero preservative appeal. Moreover, vegan consumers, who were looking for an authentic, tropical experience, became staunch supporters of the brand.

The highlight of the Nootz both at Green Week was the duo between Tassilo, our German agent, and Dulara, the CEO & Chef of Nootz. Having been classmates in Sri Lanka, the German consumer was touched at how Tassilo, a German national who returned to Munich after graduation, and Dulara, a Sri Lankan national and entrepreneur of Nootz Coconut Smoothies, rekindled their friendship over their admiration for authentic Sri Lankan products and sustainable supply chains.

Now, the Nootz team is in the process of communicating with the B2B customers from the show, including restaurant chains, bio supermarkets and online retailers. Danke schön!

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February 1, 2023