Nootz entering the Munich, German retail shelves


After the International Green Week in January 2023 in Berlin, the German Nootz team, fresh with energy from customer feedback, moved into action to officially bring Nootz to the German retail shelves. In a series of steps including packaging translation, official product registration and go-to-market conceptualization, the team, albeit missing the summer deadline, was ready by the fall.
Our initial foray into the market includes independent biomarkets and vegan cafes in Munich and Berlin. The homely feel of these outlets and their hospitable staff bring out the essence of Nootz –convenience without sacrificing the freshness of home.
In this article, we would like to cover a few of them.

Bioinsel Olympiadorf: We met the founder when we dropped by the outlet second time around. That day, she was with her sassy, pre-teen daughter, who happened to be the undercover chief selector of all the products that go onto the store’s shelf! After a sampling session, we made the cut! They liked the fresh taste of Nootz and the unique proposition it brought to their outlet. They asked us to do a few sampling demo tables in the next few weekends which we keenly obliged.

Landmann’s Biomarkt: Those who have visited Bavaria know of this homely regional chain – Landmann’s Biomarkt. When we visited the outlet in the city center, we were greeted by two friendly elderly staff at the cashier. They guided us to reach out to the lady manager to enlist our products straight away as they thought Nootz was a good fit with their customer base.

On the very next day, we reached out to her and she gave us a time to come and meet her at Landmann’s Gräfelfing outlet. Her knowledge of the trade and her professionalism were stellar. She took us around the store and showed us the other available beverages. She mentioned the importance of positioning the product to our target audience. She pointed at the smoothie section of the fridge as the ideal spot for our products. We agreed straight away!

Bioparadies Markt: One of the other outlets we enlisted in includes Bioparadies Markt. It is a store recognized for its stellar customer service and loyal customer base. Our German Nootz team regularly shops in the outlet for their groceries.
At our booth in Anuga (Cologne) in October 2023, we were able to liaise with more customers and like-minded peers locally and across Europe. We are now in the process of expanding our store reach so that more people can #goNootz!
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October 30, 2023