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In 2021, Dulara, the founder and chef of Nootz, was becoming more and more disappointed that the wealth of the island nation, Sri Lanka, for all its natural glory and hospitable smiles, was inadequately being taken to the world.

He, who started his entrepreneurial foray in 2018 with an acquisition and turnaround of a closing down factory in the Sri Lankan triangle, took on a bolder and more time-pressing task - to bring the world's first, pure coconut smoothie - Nootz - to the world.

After two years of R&D, close consultation with food technologists and multiple batch failures, Nootz had its first successful lot at the end of 2022. More than 70% of the sample study at Biofach, Germany stated that they were excited to purchase the product from the shelf. Nootz was officially launched in 2023.

Being in the front lines of the battle against climate change, animal welfare and wellness, Nootz combines just 3 vegan, organic ingredients from the Sri Lankan tropics. Combining coconut milk with fresh endemic fruit at a UHT factory, Nootz has managed to crack the code - bring you the freshness of home with the convenience of a shelf-stable product.

Nootz is excited to uplift the farming and processing communities in Sri Lanka who have long been forgotten and forced into a poverty cycle by the commoditized and ultra competitive, globalised economy. At the core of the brand is the belief that innovation and authenticity will uplift both the consumers and the upstream communities through combining higher paying jobs and cutting edge facilities with the flair of age-old Sri Lankan ingredients.


Our products are USDA and EU Organic certified. It is no small feat to source sufficient fruit batches that are constantly attacked by pests. Also, have you ever kept an organic pineapple side by side with a regular one? You are looking at less than half the size!

Then, why do we go through all the hassle of sourcing organic? Because we are believers of creating something that we would drink ourselves, chemical-free and good for our soul. Moreover, we believe that preserving our microbial-rich soil and contaminant-free groundwater are critical for future generations.

Our factory is SMETA certified - a globally recognised ethical and environmental standard. We see our factory floor worker as equally important in dignity and praise as our management level worker. This is why we go the extra mile to provide them with insurance, above median incomes, performance linked bonuses and a SMETA certified working environment



Germany: The relationship between our German partner - Tassilo - and Nootz founder - Dulara - dates back over 15 years, way before either of the two thought of being entrepreneurs. Tassilo, German national and co-founder of Pure Exotics, is a dear school-friend of Dulara. Having both studied and graduated at the British School in Colombo (Sri Lanka), and parting ways to different parts of the world for university, Tassilo and Dulara reconnected over the years in their fond memories of paradise Sri Lanka. When Dulara first presented Nootz to the German market at Grüne Woche in Berlin in January 2023, Tassilo had little expectation of the new coconut smoothie. Many things happened and they happened fast - along with daily new fans of Nootz and tremendous feedback. Through luck, Tassilo found the retail and logistics professional - Deniz - and within days they both decided to partner up, to officially bring Nootz into Germany.

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Singapore: In Singapore, Nootz works with marketing expert and premium Ceylon products distributor, Sid Dissanaike. Sid is a believer in premium and ethically sourced products from Sri Lanka. When Dulara first met him in Singapore at the end of 2022, they hit it off in their vision to uplift both the Singaporean consumer and the upstream communities in Sri Lanka. With stellar consumer feedback at the boutique fair in Singapore in February 2023, Sid and his team launched Nootz to the Singaporean market shortly afterwards.

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